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Orlando Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS will prepare an Orlando mold remediation protocol.  Each mold remediation protocol is written as a site specific scope of work outlining the areas of water and mold damage, the containment necessary to protect the unaffected areas of your home, and the necessary steps to safely remove the mold from your home while preventing cross-contamination. 


A well written mold remediation protocol provides the necessary reference to the IICRC S-520 which guides a mold remediation company on the proper removal and cleaning of the water and mold damaged areas.


A well written mold remediation protocol will ensure a timely, thorough, and successful mold remediation. This will also help to cut down on expenses associated with the mold remediation by preventing unnecessary mold remediation techniques and most importantly, you will be familiar with the mold remediation process. Being knowledgeable of the process and the areas involved will be beneficial to you as the mold remediation company explains what they are going to remove and clean inside your residence. 


The Orlando Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS mold remediation protocol can be provided to Florida Licensed Mold Remediation Contractors who can provide a written estimate for the specific mold remediation outlined within the mold remediation protocol.  The estimates can then be reviewed by the Orlando Indoor Quality Solutions staff to ensure the they cover everything in the protocol and are not adding anything unnecessary.

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